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BioFridge: An Industry Leader in Blood, Plasma & Medical Refrigeration

BioFridge devices were developed to address issues with red blood cell and plasma wastage due to poor refrigeration storage devices. These units were developed in conjunction with and provided input directly from the industry, and customized to meet the industry’s needs.

When you choose one of our patented massive transfusion protocol devices, you can be confident in our lab-quality portable medical storage, ensuring safe transport of plasma and red blood cells, ease of compliance, and temperature regulation and monitoring with real-time temperature monitoring equipment linked to your company’s system computer. With this, and our scheduled maintenance procedures, reliability is ensured to provide confidence for all caregivers.

We pride ourselves on exceptional and personalized customer service, a product with outstanding proven reliability and performance, and the best the market has to offer in precision temperature controlled biomedical portable storage and transport equipment.  We manufacture the most efficient and reliable biomedical fridges and freezers on the market, ideal for safe storage and transport of life-saving medical supplies, vaccines, blood, plasma, and more.


As a testament to our dependability, the original unit we produced 19 years ago is still running strong today.  In business for nearly 20 years, we have served a variety of customers around the globe, including diabetes clinics, medical laboratories, state and county health departments, immunization clinics, universities, centers for infectious diseases, and governmental agencies such as the U.S. Army and Air Force.

Let’s work together to save lives.