BioFridge Portable Refrigeration Units

Portable medical refrigerators allow for mobile storage of red blood cells, plasma and platelets. All of BioFridge’s portable medical fridges come with a standard 110-volt power cord and a 12/24-volt power cord for mobile refrigeration that can be used in vehicles.

Portables refrigeration is extremely important and beneficial to a variety of groups and professionals including: blood bank centers, research facilities, pharmacies, medical labs and clinics, emergency rooms, university medical centers, environmental agencies and even the military. It’s important to have plans and protocols in place in the case of an emergency or power outage. Portable medical refrigeration makes it possible to react properly to these types of scenarios by safely and securely transporting sensitive material with ease.

Standard store coolers with ice packs and dry ice are not only inefficient to transport, but also can’t maintain appropriate temperatures for the storage of blood, plasma, platelets and other material. Poor refrigeration and unexpected disasters can be devastating causing thousands of dollars in lost vaccines, plasma, platelets and more. BioFridge’s mobile medical fridge solutions solve this problem giving you the comfort and confidence that your organizations sensitive materials will be protected with precise temperature control.

From smaller mobile units perfect for storing vaccines to larger portable units great for transporting blood plasma and platelets, all of our units are built to travel. Shop our selection of medical fridges below by size or specific need or call us today if you have additional questions.